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作为一个首演的亚利桑那州AC服务中心, 十大正规赌平台平台 links premium system performance to premium air conditioning equipment. Providing Phoenix businesses and homeowners with on-time AC installation by trained HVAC technicians begins by researching vendor product reliability past and present.

Rheem offers some of the highest quality air conditioning systems on the market. From Air Conditioners to Air Handlers and from 热泵 to Gas Furnaces, Rheem提供最先进的加热和冷却解决方案. 他们成功了. 它们突破了耐久性的极限. 的 十大正规赌平台平台 techs at 台面, 吉尔伯特 and throughout the valley area are proud to install Rheem AC products.

产品可用性, reproducible efficiency performance and a competently backed factory warranty sweetens the Rheem AC pot. 一长串满意的客户敲定了这笔交易. 当您的斯科茨代尔家需要一个新的供暖或制冷系统, consider asking your 斯科茨代尔 AC installation professional to explain the merits of using a Rheem system.


20世纪20年代中期由理查德·瑞姆和唐纳德·瑞姆兄弟创立, 该公司经历了快速增长, 快速的同行接受和全球满意的客户跟踪. 从热水器市场的一个不起眼的初创企业, this modern coast-to-coast company is currently listed as a global producer of heating, 冷却和水产品.

美国冷却和加热提供商业, industrial and residential Rheem air conditioning solutions throughout the Phoenix area, 包括吉尔伯特, 台面, 斯科茨代尔, 坦佩和其他所有城市, 亚利桑那州的一些地区和城镇.


当安装供暖或空调在您的凤凰城的家, 你需要系统的可靠性, 本地经济稳定的经销商, 和成熟的交流安装人员. Rheem技术提供了系统的效率和可靠性. 美国制冷和供暖系统为当地提供稳定, certified Phoenix AC technicians and a company that will stand behind the efficiency of their work.

Rheem air conditions are available with single or dual stage cooling components. R22 refrigerant is out; R410A enviro-friendly refrigerant is in. 有一个交流&H安装Rheem空调系统, 你可以期待家里的舒适, reduced energy expenses and a unit that is correctly sized for your business or home. 选择一个最好的空调解决方案在业务. 选用美国制冷公司安装的Rheem, backed by a powerful manufacturer’s warranty and topped off with the famous AC&空调安装保修.



Rheem Prestige 13 SEER空调消费者手册

Rheem Prestige 16 SEER空调消费者手册



的 May 2013 edition of the Arizona Republic reports that air quality in Metro Phoenix is currently ranked the second worst in the United States. 与2010年排名第一相比,这一数字略有下降. 那不是吹牛的权利. 这种污染是一个影响Anthem的区域性问题, 太阳城, Laveen, 天堂谷, 台面, Gilber and the whole nine yards of the Metropolitan Phoenix Arizona home front.

的 EPA reports that indoor air quality nationwide is ten times more polluted as the air in cities on record for the worst outdoor air quality. Your indoor air supply may contain many airborne pollutants common to the causes of poor health and breathing complications. 污染物清单包括:

  • VOC的花粉
  • 病毒
  • 灰尘和尘螨
  • 模具
  • 和其他微生物.

一个交流&H installed Rheem high efficiency air filtration unit can provide cleaner and healthier indoor air quality for you and your family.





热. 在亚利桑那州,空调是必不可少的, 但在需要的时候, the equipment should deliver cost efficient performance that provides reliable comfort for you and your family or you and your employees. Rheem Furnaces can deliver the air flow for both heating and cooling systems efficiently and quietly.  When correctly installed Rheem gas furnaces meet the specs for efficient operation that delivers the goods. 他们很安静,能把工作做完,而且能坚持很长时间.

的 corrosion resistant Rheem gas furnace systems use a patented heat exchanger that is available in both stainless steel and aluminized steel. 它是AC的产物&H对提供给客户感觉很好. 这是一个很好的服务于硅谷社区的产品.












Rheem Prestige 80煤气炉消费者手册

Rheem Prestige 95煤气炉消费者手册



也许Rheem热泵可以提高你的能源效率. If a new 台面 AC installation is on the horizon for your home finances, AC&H可以为您提供顶级价格最优的Rheem解决方案. 的 entire Rheem heat pump product line uses a sturdy, one-piece drawn and painted base pan. 这个盘把线圈从衬垫上抬起, 帮助减少腐蚀,同时减少声音和振动. 十大正规赌平台平台 supplies and installs the units in single or dual stage heat/cool format. 所有Rheem热泵均采用R410A环保制冷剂.


Rheem经典13 SEER热泵消费者手册

Rheem经典15 SEER热泵消费者手册

Rheem Prestige 13 SEER热泵消费者手册

Rheem Prestige 15 SEER热泵消费者手册

Rheem Prestige 16 SEER热泵消费者手册

Rheem Prestige 16 SEER沟通热泵消费者手册



Perhaps you prefer your air handler in a color that blends into your 斯科茨代尔, 格兰岱尔或梅萨景观. 我们理解家庭décor的需求,Rheem也一样. 然而, we believe that going green requires much more that installing the Rheem patented Neutra GreenTM product colors merely for color sake.

效率比表面论调更重要. 在Rheem的绿色外观下,是一个功能齐全的建筑, 能源效率, 高度可靠的, 环保空气处理装置. 符合或超过世界环境标准, Rheem的高效空气处理器通常可以减少能源消耗. Give your Phoenix business a head start in going green; call 十大正规赌平台平台 for pricing and air handler installation prices.


Rheem Prestige空气处理器消费者手册



Constructed with aluminum fins bonded to internally grooved copper tubing, all Rheem indoor coils are tested at the factory with an extensive refrigerant leak check. 当你的交流&H Phoenix AC installation team puts the units to work, additional testing is performed. You get start-of-the-art components supported by state-of-the-art Valley installation.

额外的可靠性和耐久性, Rheem凝结水排水盘是高档的, 耐热, 耐腐蚀热固性材料. Going with Rheem indoor cooling coils makes for a win-win situation for Phoenix homeowners and business owners.


Rheem Multiflex室内线圈消费者手册



压缩机提供了您的Rheem包单元的心脏. Every system features a Scroll Compressor: Widely recognized as the industry standard for performance and durability. 包装单元包含您所有的加热和冷却需求, 包括热泵,燃气或电力或直冷带热. AC&H offers Valley businesses and homeowners Rheem all-in-one systems in both single and dual stage cool configurations. 每台机组采用R410A环保制冷剂设计.











Rheem RQNM 13 SEER And RQPM 14 SEER Package 热泵 Consumer Brochure

Rheem RQNL 13 SEER和RQPL 14 SEER包装热泵消费者手册

Rheem 13至16包装热泵情况说明书消费者手册

Rheem 13 SEER和14 SEER燃气电气包单位消费者手册

Rheem 13 SEER 14 SEER And 16 SEER Gas Electric Package Units Consumer Brochure



的rmostats often determine a majority of the energy efficiency differences between similar heating and cooling products. 的 Rheem 的rmostat line includes temperature control solutions for all Rheem residential and commercial HVAC equipment. 这些产品提供了一个完整的系统解决方案,从一个品牌- Rheem.

的 line includes all universal application, multi-stage, programmable models. 特点包括:

  • 触摸屏显示器
  • 湿度控制
  • 双燃料控制
  • 调节炉控制
  • 和舒适控制2系统操作.











十大正规赌平台平台 provides Rheem Air Conditioning and 热ing Equipment and Professional AC Installation 服务 for 钱德勒阿兹吉尔伯特阿兹格兰岱尔市阿兹台面阿兹皮奥瑞亚阿兹凤凰阿兹在亚利桑那州的斯科茨代尔坦佩阿兹和所有其他领域.







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